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[Hiray Pharma] Master Chapter in the Third Quarter of 2022


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Quality Department - Peng Ding

As a teacher, the responsibility should be borne on my shoulders. It is my choice to give everything I can. It is not about benefits, it is not about taking. The growth of an apprentice is not a matter of a single day, and it requires constant and careful watering to bloom beautiful flowers. Whether it is a person or a job, it is necessary to lead the way ahead. Therefore, what is most needed is the willingness to contribute and the determination to burn oneself!

Luo Yueyue, one of his apprentices, adheres to the principle of being quick and eager to learn, modest and courteous, and learning to be a person before doing anything. In the past few months, he has first learned to respect his teacher, be friendly to others, treat colleagues with sunshine and openness, treat his master with respect, and study diligently and diligently with an tireless attitude. "What you have learned may not be many or extensive, but you can calm down and conscientiously complete everything you teach. After learning, you can complete your work independently. The assigned inspection tasks have fewer errors and are of high quality, truly achieving quality assurance and efficiency.".