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It's fun to play together! The Hiray Pharma&Capchem Friendship Event was successfully held!


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On February 10, 2023, the Hiray Pharma Trade Union, together with the Capchem Trade Union and the Rundu Pharma Trade Union, organized single men and women of enterprise age to participate in the "Play Together, It's Fun!" employee fellowship activity. This activity was held at Hiray Talk of Hiray Pharma. After the host's hot spot and a brief self-introduction of young men and women, through lively and interesting ice breaking games, young friends were pulled closer to each other in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere, and improved understanding. During the activity, everyone went from being unfamiliar to being familiar, reaping friendship, and encountering romance. The fellowship activity ended successfully in a relaxed and joyful atmosphere. This activity not only promoted the communication between neighboring enterprises in terms of enterprise management, cultural construction, employee care, etc., but also promoted the communication between employees of neighboring enterprises, enhanced the friendship between neighboring enterprises, and achieved the expected effect.