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BD Director

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Minimum education:




Experience requirements:


Work area:

Hubei province Jingmen City Duodao

Job Requirements:

1. According to the company's development strategy, formulate and implement the company's drug project business development goals;

2. Research the latest trends in the market and industry, and explore the development direction of the pharmaceutical industry;

3. Manage projects and businesses, new products, new technologies, and new projects, and conduct comprehensive evaluation and screening within a limited period of time from multiple perspectives such as pharmacy, technology, registration, price, market potential, competition, product value, sales forecast, revenue and expenditure, to select projects that meet the company's development direction, have market prospects, and are commensurate with the company's resource capabilities;

4. Develop and coordinate internal and external resources, and seek breakthroughs in the company's new drug business and business model;

5. Responsible for potential customer contact, business negotiation of expansion projects, and promoting cooperation.