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IP protection

Hiray Pharma has established a sound intellectual property protection management system


Hiray Pharma's intellectual property policy: IP is always yours. 

Hiray Pharma attaches great importance to the trust of our customers and is deeply aware of the importance of protecting customers' intellectual property rights. Any intellectual property we develop for our customer service belongs to the client within the framework of the confidentiality clause in our Customer Non-Disclosure Agreement (CDA) or Service Agreement (MSA).  




Hiray Pharma  believes that IP security starts with our employees and systematic protection  

Hiray Pharma will continue to improve its intellectual property protection capabilities, including personnel management, IT management, document management, and policy process management, so as to create a good atmosphere for intellectual property protection.


Hiray Pharma promises to keep all project information confidential, including all information provided by both parties in cooperation with customers or newly generated based on the project, and will not provide the above information to third parties or use it for other purposes other than the agreement without the permission of the customer.


Physical security

Divided according to the level of confidentiality, access control management and perimeter security system protection, all-round camera monitoring without dead angles


IT System Security:

✪ Ensure IT system security from various aspects such as IT system and software development and maintenance, communication, mobile devices, and remote work.

✪ By building a firewall network, we ensure the security of confidential information transmitted by email with customers.

✪ Ensure the security of confidential information by controlling the access to specific project information in Hiray Pharma's server.

✪ Unified project management platform, strict management of project files according to permissions.

✪ The laboratory and R&D department prohibit the use of USB ports and monitor abnormal Internet behavior in real time.

✪ International advanced three-level backup and backup recovery technology to ensure data security archiving.


HR Security:

The company strictly implements the management specifications of entry and exit. When a new employee joins, he or she needs to do an intellectual property background check and a declaration of his or her intellectual property rights, and sign a confidentiality agreement and a non-compete agreement while signing the labor contract; Upon resignation, the non-compete agreement is evaluated. During the on-the-job stage, it is necessary to strictly follow the signed confidentiality agreement.


Asset Management Security:

Clarify the protection level, responsible person, use management and disposal method of assets in information security to ensure the information security of assets and the information involved in the disposal process.


Information Security in Project Management:

In the whole process of project management, from customer inquiry to project R&D, from R&D to commercial production, to transportation and delivery, the sharing and transmission of information are scientifically managed to ensure the security of information to the greatest extent


Third-party security:

Through the management of suppliers, subcontractors, contractors and agencies, intellectual property background investigations, confidentiality agreement signing, intellectual property audits and other aspects are carried out to reduce the risk of infringement and information leakage


Information Security Processing and Review:

We have established an internal and external review mechanism for information security, regularly and irregularly review information security, and use scientific and effective methods to solve information security problems and find solutions to prevent the recurrence of such problems.

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