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Customer Centered Project Management

International project management system

Based on the project management experience of providing long-term CMO services for well-known pharmaceutical companies around the world, Hiray Pharma has continuously optimized and summarized to form excellent internal project system management capabilities, and is better committed to providing high-quality product delivery, efficient and transparent communication and product lifecycle management services for all partners.

Procurement logistics

• A project management team will be assigned to each client and project, responsible for internal and external communication and coordination during the project process, and ensure a high-quality delivery experience for customers through close collaboration with the team

• The project management team will understand the project requirements, manage the project risks, and provide accurate and appropriate services for different stages of the project

• The project management team is responsible for daily communication and interaction with the client's project team, and timely updates the progress report to ensure that the client has timely and transparent project progress information

• The Hiray Pharma team will regularly collect customer feedback, review the Customer Satisfaction Scorecard, discuss problems, make timely adjustments, continuously improve customer satisfaction, and seek continuous cooperation opportunities



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