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[HIRAY TALK] Caring for women's health and disseminating health knowledge


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In order to further enhance the self-protection and disease prevention awareness of female employees, and promote the development of women's physical and mental health, on the morning of March 7th, on the occasion of the International Women's Day, a lecture on "Caring for Women's Health, Disseminating Health Knowledge" on women's health knowledge was held in Hiray Talk District. In particular, Ruan Hong, Director of Obstetrics and Gynecology of Duodao People's Hospital, was invited to share the knowledge. During the activity, Director Ruan conducted a health knowledge course with rich theoretical knowledge and strong operational guidance around common problems among women, breast diseases, gynecological diseases, etc. The lecture content was practical and targeted, which aroused a positive resonance among the female employees present. She also conducted interactive Q&A with everyone on the spot, reminding female compatriots to pay attention to their own health, conduct regular physical examinations, and reduce the risk of illness. Through this lecture, female employees' awareness of self health care has been further enhanced, and it has played a positive role in fostering good work and life habits. I believe that everyone will actively participate in work and life with a healthier body and a good mentality in the future.