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【Happy News】Hiray Pharma (Jingmen) successfully passed the EcoVadis assessment and won the medal!


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Recently, Hiray Pharma (Jingmen) successfully passed the EcoVadis platform assessment and was awarded the CSR Achievement Recognition Medal by the organization in recognition of its responsible and sustainable business model. Originated in France, Ecovadis provides companies with comprehensive rating services through a global cloud-based SaaS platform; it provides guidance for improvement by assessing companies' CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) performance, aiming to leverage the impact of global supply chains to improve companies' environmental and social practice performance. The company has combined this assessment to sort and refine around corporate safety, environment, labor and human rights, ethical conduct of business, and sustainable sourcing to ensure that these principles meet the requirements of the company and its stakeholders. Demonstrate the sustainability of the company's procurement and investments with the help of a sustainability policy. With a strong sense of social responsibility, Hiray Pharma (Jingmen) will continue to deepen the construction of various systems, align with the international advanced management system, and implement sustainable development while improving its core competitiveness.