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Professor P. Andrew Evans of Queen University of Canada was invited to give an academic lecture in Hiray Pharma(Jingmen)


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On May 23rd, 2023, Hiray Pharma (Jingmen) Solutions Ltd. held an academic lecture on synthetic chemistry in the HIRAY TALK area on the first floor of the quality inspection building. The theme of this lecture is "challenging C- C- bond three-dimensional selection structure and total synthesis of toxic carotene". Professor P. Andrew Evans from Queen University of Canada is specially invited to attend for academic exchange.


In this lecture, Professor P. Andrew Evans structurally demonstrated the development and application of new selective C- C bond formation reactions in the synthesis of biologically active drugs. At the same time, it summarizes the new dynamic dynamic splitting of unsaturated aldehyde, the catalytic asymmetric alkylation of enolates, and the synthetic route of lead compounds for the transfer of anti-cancer cells. Its academic explanation is very enlightening.


Professor P. Andrew Evans introduction: