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Lecture on "HIRAY Synthetic Chemistry Academic Lecture" at School of Chemistry and Molecular Science, Wuhan University


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On March 17, 2023, when the cherry blossoms of Wuhan University were in full bloom, the Fifth Cherry Blossom Forum on Organic Chemistry of Wuhan University arrived as scheduled, and chemists from all over the country gathered at Wuhan University. During the same period, Professor Zhang Xumu gave the first lecture on "Hanrui Synthetic Chemistry Academic Lecture" jointly established by Hanrui Pharma (Jingmen) and the School of Chemistry and Molecular Science of Wuhan University. The topic of this lecture is "Application of Multidentate Chiral Ligands in Efficient Asymmetric Hydrogenation". Mr. Chen Ya, Chairman of Haite Biology and Hiray Pharma (Jingmen), served as the moderator of this lecture. The "Hiray Academic Lecture on Synthetic Chemistry" project lasts for 3 years, with 36 lectures each month. Famous experts and professors will be invited to give lectures in each issue, aiming to lead the cutting-edge technology of "learning, research, and production" in the chemical industry, and promote the integration of academia, research, and industry.