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Process Supervisor

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Minimum education:




Experience requirements:


Work area:

Hubei province Jingmen City Duodao

Job Requirements:

1. Planning: material procurement (including construction number), equipment scheduling applications, development of project production nodes, and development of project introduction changes;

2. Preparation: Assist in pre startup inspection, notify the workshop to receive production materials, and notify the production records to receive;

Implementation: see on-site technical support;

4. Perform laboratory process validation based on existing processes and master the process;

5. Verification of raw materials before production;

6. Study the solubility of intermediates and APIs, and determine the cleaning plan for the equipment used in the project;

7. Summarize project production related data and complete the project summary report;

8. Guide and assist process engineers in completing process transfer work;

9. Responsible for judging key production points of the project to ensure rapid and stable operation of the project;

10. Confirm the technical transformation results of the equipment and ensure that the transformation results meet the process production requirements;

11. Responsible for timely resolving process abnormalities on the production site, and making process adjustments based on analysis and testing data;

12. Assist in the quality and safety control of project production;

13. Assist the workshop in closing project related deviations and changes, and guide the process engineer in handling deviations and changes;

14. Assist the process engineer in communicating with the project testing and analysis related work;

15. Be responsible for communication with suppliers and customers, and timely guide and promote project progress;