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Process Engineer

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Minimum education:




Experience requirements:


Work area:

Hubei province Jingmen City Duodao

Job Requirements:

1. Comprehend the new process and ensure mastery of each key control point.
Follow up new process production, complete delivery, and complete process transfer reports.
3. Evaluate the project process, identify risks of process amplification and process transfer from aspects such as safety, process and equipment compatibility, and provide professional suggestions and take preventive measures.
4. Verify raw materials before production, draft batch records, conduct process training, and provide on-site process support.
Responsible for timely resolution of on-site process abnormalities.
6. Liability groping experiment for intermediate synthesis.
7. Responsible for the formulation of quality standards for each newly developed intermediate, process optimization, energy saving and consumption reduction, simplified operation, completion of optimization reports, laboratory 5S, and order cost control for their own projects.